Residential construction takes a lot of expertise, and Woodforest Construction can handle it all. Whether you need an entire house built or just a small add-on, we have you covered.
Whether you need an entire house built or just a small add-on, we have you covered Woodforest Construction has many custom services to offer: custom hardwoods, custom roofing, custom siding, custom cabinets, custom counter tops, custom designed closets, custom shower designs, custom bathrooms, and more.
Let us know your dream project, and we'll build it.
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Commercial Construction is an extremely tough job. Don't worry though, Woodforest Construction has got you covered. Because we've built our company on tough jobs.
We have the tools, expertise, and man power to get the job done. Period. No matter if it's a small renovation, or a giant construction job.
Operating within budget is a major concern for all businesses. That's why we take it so serious, we'll always keep you updated on budget, time-line, and expectations through the entire process. Woodforest Construction knows the customer is also the construction partner.
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At Woodforest Construction, we specialize in large-scale industrial painting and industrial applications.
Every day this industry is changing, and WC is right there on the bleeding edge of that evolution, exploring new technological innovations and techniques at every opportunity. We invest heavily in both our equipment and employees to ensure we’ve got the latest gear and the knowledge to use it properly and efficiently.
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